Calling Shenanigans: Happenings in Pediatric Dentistry

Jun 18 2017

Calling Shenanigans: Happenings in Pediatric Dentistry

It’s somewhat hard to believe and really humbling to realize that come June, I have been practicing as a dentist for 10 years now. I still consider myself “new” to this amazing profession as everyday I come across something new, something intriguing.  One thing that never gets old though, is the moment when leaving the treatment room and I get to high five my kid patient and the relieved mom says “thank you Dr. Shenanigans” even though it’s actually Shahangian, what matters is that I know I made a lasting impression in that kid’s life.

To wrap my arms around it, I was doing some simple math. In this decade, I have been a part of a child’s wellness (or at least tried) a total of 60,000 times.  That’s a lot of kids, a lot of smiles, a lot of well, being granted the privilege to be a part of a family’s life spanning from Tijuana to Portland, from San Diego to Chapel Hill. So I felt I have to do something crazy to mark this personal milestone.  So I decided to revamp (or at least rename) my blog. Crazy, right? Okay, I admit being a veteran husband and a professional father to 3 girls has ironed out any wrinkle of crazy that I may have had but I have plenty of “dad inspiration” to offer.

I feel anything I do, this blog included, is best served when in one way or another it connects back to those I care for and love, starting with my family. So I hope that I can give my kids a glimpse of their dad spent 12+ hours a day doing, so that they can reflect when the right time comes.

Beyond my family, I wanted to revamp this tiny space in the infinite wild wild web that is my blog to be a reflection of light. In the era of being showered by too much gloom and obscurity, I find myself surrounded by so much joy and light. The kids I interact with everyday (including my own) enrich my personal and professional life so much. These little guys are interested and interesting. this blog may be a little mirror to reflect and shine some of that back into the world, however insignificant it may seem, it feels good to radiate happiness and be the one to call shenanigans.

I hope you will find some inspiration in Calling Shenanigans: Happenings in Pediatric Dentistry. Be sure to follow me on FB and Instagram @PediatricDentist.

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