When childhood comes with chipped teeth, don't delay!

Aug 07 2014

When childhood comes with chipped teeth, don’t delay!

When childhood comes with chipped teeth, don’t delay !

As many parents know, raising a child can come with sprains, broken bones, scrapes and bruises. And as professionals at Scripps Pediatric Dentistry, we know that growing up can also mean chipped or lost teeth.

With summer now here, the odds of chipping or knocking out a tooth may only increase as the kids play at the beach, the pool or take part in outdoor sports.Dental injury prevention

In a recent interview with a parenting blogger, Dr. Edward Moody, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, gave a few tips on how parents should respond if their child breaks or loses a tooth.

  • With any injury to the mouth, an expert examination and an xray is typically an important part of evaluating the extent of the injury.

  • There’s not as much to worry about if your son or daughter looses one of their baby teeth. Just be sure to visit the dentist to make sure it is a clean loss. Avoid placing the tooth back in their child’s mouth, as this could harm a permanent tooth. The safest thing to do is to recover the tooth or the tooth fragment and place it in cold milk and visit the nearest pediatric dentist so they can confirm if the tooth is really a primary or could it be a permanent tooth.

  • When a baby tooth is chipped, go see the dentist ASAP. Your dental provider may be able to save the tooth and will try preventing possible infection.

  • If your son or daughter loses one of their permanent teeth, to place the tooth back into the socket right away is the best thing, but realistically, many parents and even general dentists or emergency room doctors are not comfortable with this procedure. So be sure the tooth is placed in cold milk and then get the the dentist – as time is critical. Waiting can increase the risk of infection and future   alignment problems – meaning a root canal could be become necessary or worse yet the tooth .

While many chips and lost teeth can be fixed, mouth injuries can be painful. We encourage the parents of active San Diego families to make sure their kids learn good prevention habits. The most important thing lesson is to encourage their kids to wear mouth guards during sports or outdoor activities. Doing so can save you – and your child – the traumatic experience of dealing with a lost tooth, the discomfort that is certain to come of it and the time and money that is sure to be required to fix the issue.

If your child experiences any sort of mouth trauma, don’t hesitate to call our office right away. We know that accidents happen and are trained to help if your son or daughter suffers from a missing or broken tooth.

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