Expecting mom and caring for teeth

Jan 12 2014

Expecting mom and caring for teeth

Expecting mom and caring for teeth

Dental care during pregnancy is very important. In fact, it is very common for women to develop gum problems during pregnancy. The increase in the level of hormones during pregnancy can complicate dental issues. Bacteria from a mother’s mouth can go through the blood and then into the amniotic fluid and eventually to the fetus with research suggesting possible resulting low birth weight and premature delivery. To make sure that your baby’s development during pregnancy doesn’t get compromised  in any way, keep these steps in mind:

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  • Make a dental appointment as part of your pregnancy planning.  Its best to take care of any possible dental problems before pregnancy, including necessary x-rays beforehand.  Also, have your teeth professionally cleaned during a pre-pregnancy appointment. Share your plans with your dentist as they can give you anticipatory guidance on oral care during the planned pregnancy.
  • Dental care during pregnancy is an integral part of a comprehensive preventive program. It can help avoid possible dental problems during one of the most “cavity prone” periods in a woman’s life. Mothers to be should brush their teeth at least two times a day and floss as frequently as possible to clean in between teeth. A gentle fluoridated mouthwash may also be useful during time periods when nausea and vomiting cause frequent exposure of teeth or stomach acids.
  • If an elective dental procedure is to be considered, it may be prudent to postpone it to after the birth of the baby. That said, there are ways to address necessary dental treatment that may come up unplanned during a pregnancy. The best time to get this work done is typically considered to be during the second trimester.
  • Its obvious that an expecting mother must avoid radiation exposure.  But if the circumstances demand that you get a dental xray while pregnant, don’t worry. Dental x-rays are a lot safer than they were before. Make sure to let your dentist know that you are pregnant so he or she can take extreme caution to safeguard you and your baby.
  • Do not skip any of you dental checkups because you are pregnant. In fact, understanding the benefits of oral health, many dental insurers allow an additional cleaning and exam per year for an expecting mom. This is the most crucial time for you and your baby to have great oral care and get your routine cleanings.
  • Avoid foods that are not healthy for your teeth. Instead, build a habit of eating healthy nutritious food and snacks.
  • Most of all remember mothers can transmit bacteria from their mouth to their child by kissing them and blowing in their food.[/list]

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is something you can always benefit from and your children can learn and follow.

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