Tips to save big money on medications

Oct 13 2013

Tips to save big money on medications

Tips to save big money on medications

Its no mystery that medications can be expensive, even for those with insurance. Recent changes in regulations have forced some manufacturers to discontinue their production and some basic medications like the antibiotic Doxycyclin are hard to come by and have gone from $4 to upward of $100 for a two week course. Here’s some good tips that can help you save big bucks on your next medication order before or after your dental visit.

Shop around

Yes, pharmacies are not exactly like grocery stores, but in the last decade, their distinction is becoming less obvious. That said, you may be surprised at the variation in markup. Call 3-4 different pharmacies and fax over your prescription and insurance information to see what your out of pocket cost could be.

Ask your doctor and pharmacist

So this may seem obvious, but believe it or not, mentioning your concern about cost can make a big difference in your out of pocket cost. Your doctors often have options with several medications that lend the same result but they are likely clueless about what type of insurance you have and may not know that you may not have prescription coverage or have a high deductible plan. More so, they may be too preoccupied by their other tasks as they rush through writing your prescription and forget to check the box “Generic Ok”. Also, your pharmacist may be able to suggest discount programs that save you 10-20%. Talk to both your doctor and pharmacist to see about cost effective alternatives before you are in front of the pharmacy cash register.

Big discount stores save you $

Its pretty well know that big warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club stores have some of the most cost effective medications. After them, Target and Walmart tend to have the best prices, like $4 for a 30 day supply of many common medications.

Shop online

Shopping online is one the fastest and best ways to compare medication prices and save. Online pharmacies have lower overhead costs and commonly sell for 35% off the regular price. Another perk, they delivery the medication right to your door and save you from having to load up the kids in the car for the pharmacy run. Only main downside is if you need your medication the same day, you may not have this option.

Stay tuned for more useful insight in the world of pharmacy, kids, and smiles.

Dr Eftekhari and ArmanDr Eftekhari is a proud San Diego native. She received her doctorate from University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy in 2003 as one of their youngest ever graduates. She enjoys the challenges and rewards of interacting with her young patients and their parents as one of the principal clinical pharmacists at the Children’s Hospital in Loma Linda. She loves balancing her career and being a mother to her 3 year old active little man, Arman. At home, when she’s not chasing after Arman, she enjoys yoga, cooking, and swimming.

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